Holy bible detail

Ages 12-14

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Every Sunday between services in Room 106

One hour gathering including worship, prayer, teaching, and small group discussion. Youth are divided into small groups of 8-10 people, led by a trained volunteer. 

Graduation Caps

New Grade 12 graduates

Graduation Class


The first week of July at lunchtime in IEC/ETC cafeteria. 

We want to help prepare our graduating students for success in university. Our team spends a week hosting lunch for these youth to discuss staying strong in transition. 

Ages 15-19

Saturday Youth GROUP

Every Saturday at 5pm in Room 106

A one and a half-hour gathering for our older teens that includes fellowship, worship, prayer, and a short encouraging word. 


Blueberry Pancakes

Ages 13-19

Pancake Fellowship 

1st Sunday of the month between services in Room 106

Food, fun, and fellowship are three pillars of youth ministry! We want to spend a morning every month investing on getting to know the kids in a more informal setting.